Dear Valued Donor,

Travelling through cities, time, and space to take on humanitarian missions! With the theme "Search & Rescue", the upcoming "Red Cross City Challenge" will bring participants to the future, together with the popular characters LINE FRIENDS. There will be various missions for us to help survivors in the aftermath of climate-related disasters in Hong Kong. We sincerely invite you to form a team with your relatives and friends to race against the challenges, roaming through streets and alleys within a designated time to learn about the humanitarian works of the Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC). Let’s have fun while learning more about humanity!
The HKRC is doing its best to support the elderly, the weak, the poor, and the sick, by providing them with a variety of services. About one-third of Hong Kong's single-living population is over 65 years old, which is close to 150,000 people. In response to the increasing demand of elderly services, the HKRC recently launched the "Elderly Service Donation Scheme". Event ambassadors and artists Susan Tse and BabyJohn Choi appealed to the public to support our development of diversified elderly services so that the elders can enjoy their golden years with a sense of security and belonging. 
There is a type of person in society who cares compassionately about the disadvantaged and silently kindle hope for others. Light the darkness, you could be the one! The latest "Hong Kong Humanitarian Award 2022" recognizes unsung heroes and heroines who lead by example. These individuals practice the humanitarian spirit to "Protect human life, Care for the health of the vulnerable, and Respect human dignity". 
At the beginning of a new year, while looking forward to a new chapter, we’d like to share The Year in Brief 2021/22 of the HKRC with you to look back upon our achievements. Thank you again for your continuous support of the works and fundraising activities of the HKRC. Please continue to join us, with a heart of "Every One Matters", to respond to the needs of the society and pass on the humanitarian spirit. 
Wishing you and your family a happy new year, good health and wellbeing.

Hong Kong Red Cross