Dear Valued Donor,

Amid the pandemic, many of us might have fond memories of overseas trips. Yet, we do not have to travel abroad to quench our desire of exploring the world. Have you noticed footprints of humanitarian actions in the community when you walk past familiar streets and shops day after day? 

Organized by the Hong Kong Red Cross, “Humanity City Challenge” concluded successfully in early October with over 1,400 people took part in the event. Through taking up various online and offline challenges, participants uncovered footprints of humanitarian actions in the community that they brushed past every day. For example, they checked in at our supporting stores and partners, discovered restaurants and shops that participated in our food voucher scheme "Savour Together Scheme” and searched for life-saving AEDs (automated external defibrillators). During the competition, participants took part in quizzes and games relating to humanitarian topics through a mobile app, so that they could understand humanitarian work while having fun.
Apart from gaining an understanding of emergency rescue networks in the community, we should be vigilant and get prepared for emergencies to reduce the harm caused. Typhoon, fire accident, heat wave and cold spell are not uncommon in our city. But how ready are we to cope with disasters? Everyone has a role in disaster preparedness. Together let’s strengthen our social capital by taking care of people around us, and getting an emergency plan ready in times of peace, so we may respond quickly when an emergency happens.

Besides, you now have another meaningful option when sending your greetings to your friends and relatives. Please support “DonateYourBigDay”, where you can add a special touch to all sorts of occasions of your loved ones through donations.

Lastly, we will mail out 2020/21 Donor Award Ceremony awardees letter and certificates through the mail or email by December 2021. Thank you for your generous support which has enabled us to provide humanitarian service to vulnerable groups.

Stay safe and healthy!
Hong Kong Red Cross