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A tear-jerking story of tracing service  is highly recommended in this issue! How did the beneficiary reunite again with her family after half a decade? Let’s find out more!

There are 200 applications submitted in average for tracing service each year, among the nearly 35% success rate, retired mum Ms Sau Mei Leung is one of the luckiest ones. How did Ms Leung’s wish of reuniting with her sister come true after 55 years of separation? From taking the role of beneficiary into being a volunteer Tracing Ambassador, Ms Leung met an applicant named “Han Sam” (Meaning “deep hatred” in Chinese) while volunteering, what is the story behind her name? Click to read more, and understand how the tracing service team focuses on the practice of spirit of humanity.

Activities Reviews: "WARZONE 90”

Date: 7th April (Sunday) 
"Friends of Red Cross” and their friends and families joined "WARZONE 90” cum “Field Trip in Warzone”’s sharing session organized by the Hong Kong Red Cross Humanitarian Education Centre.

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“Friends of Red Cross” Gathering

Date : 23rd June (Sunday)
Time: 2:30pm-5:30pm
Venue : Hong Kong Red Cross Headquarters
Activity: Understand the services of Hong Kong Red Cross

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"Humanitarian Caring Visit" Elderly Visit

Date : 27th July (Saturday)
Time: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Activity: Bring care and warmth to the elderly in need together with a gift pack to in the hot weather, explain how to heatstroke prevention, share the information of household safety as well as conduct home safety assessments.

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Hong Kong Humanity Award 2019

Nomination deadline: 27th May (Monday)
Nominate a candidate who exemplifies the spirit of humanity by putting it into practice and action. 

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