Dear Valued Donor,

Natural disasters are ruthless, but there is love around us. The sudden earthquake in Türkiye and Syria caused severe casualties. The locals urgently need humanitarian assistance to overcome the difficulties. In response to the earthquake, the Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) has allocated HKD 4.4 million to support the relief works of the International Red Cross, providing emergency supplies such as thermal blankets, tents, and heaters to those affected by the earthquake, bringing warmth to the displaced in the freezing winter.
Meanwhile, in mid-February, HKRC deployed three staff members to Türkiye to understand the situation in the affected areas and work closely with the International Red Cross to formulate further relief plans. 

HKRC launched an “Emergency Appeal for Türkiye-Syria Earthquake” from 10 February to 2 March. We are grateful for the generous donations from all walks of life, allowing us to raise over HKD 20 million to support those affected to embark on the long journey of post-disaster reconstruction. 
Living in the blessed land of Hong Kong, we may not have experienced threats from extreme weather such as tsunamis, blizzards and tornadoes. However, with the intensification of climate change, leading to more frequent extreme weather situations, seemingly distant climate disasters are silently approaching. Therefore, we need to be prepared for the emergencies, enhance our ability to respond to disasters, and be ready to help others when needed. 

In early March, HKRC held the “Red Cross City Challenge 2023.Act Out Humanity with LINE FRIENDS - Supported By ICBC | LINE FRIENDS Credit Card”, attracting over 2,500 participants. Together with LINE FRIENDS, the participants challenged various rescue missions, learned more about climate change, disaster preparedness, rescue knowledge, and put the humanitarian spirit into practice. 
Singer Ms Kay Tse, served as the Star Ambassador for the event, fully supported the city challenge. Kay, who has always been concerned about environmental and climate issues, said, “Hong Kong has been hit by super typhoons frequently in recent years, which greatly impact our daily lives. Therefore, I encourage my family to practice sustainable living, take action and play our parts to protect planet Earth in order to slow down climate change.” 
We wish you and your family safety and good health!

Hong Kong Red Cross