Participants Information

Key Dates of the 14th Red Cross International Humanitarian Law Moot (2016)

Key Dates Task Details can refer to
14th December 2015 Distribution of Mooting Problem Rule 6b
15th December 2015 Submission of Registration Form Rule 5a
By 28th December 2015 Request for clarification (if any) Rule 6e
By 6th January 2016 Organizing Committee respond to the request for clarification Rule 6f
25th January 2016 Submission of Memorials Rule 7e
By 29th January 2016 Random draw for determine which Prosecutor and Defendant teams will meet each other in the General Rounds Rule 8a
By 11th February 2016 Submission of Notifications To Organizers
(Appendix I of the Note to All Participating Teams)
By 24th February 2016 Receive electronic copies of memorials of the opposing teams Rule 8b
8th March 2016 Arrival of Non-local participants  
9th-12th March 2016 The 14th Red Cross International Humanitarian Law Moot (2016) Rule 2a,
Tentative Itinerary
13th March 2016 Departure of Non-local participants  
  • Note to All Participating Teams (pdf) (Appendix I - doc) (uploaded on 6.1.2016)
  • List of Participating Institutions (pdf) (updated on 25.1.2016)