Dear Valued Donor,

If everyone is willing to take a step forward, humanitarian work can be put into practice. You and I, he and she, everyone from all walks of life can use different ways to support those in need. Have you ever thought that every step in the community can move humanitarian work forward?

The Hong Kong Red Cross (HKRC) will host the "Humanity City Challenge" in September, which allows participants to walk through the streets of Kowloon West and feel the pulse of the community. Through various online and offline challenges, participants can experience the joy of helping others in their daily lives.

Don't underestimate an ordinary step! When everyone in the community is willing to take one more step and reach out to those in need, the ripple effect can entice others to support humanitarian work and amplify the ability to benefit more people.

The HKRC previously launched a fundraising campaign, “Climate Step Challenge” . Participants took 2,454,903 steps to support those affected by climate-related disasters. Every step became a motivation to push the humanitarian mission forward.

In addition to our fundraisers, the "Red Twinkle Star" Campaign, as well as the Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (DSE) candidates from our special schools also need your participation and encouragement.
Thank you for your attention and continued support!
Wishing you wellness and good health!

Hong Kong Red Cross