Dear Valued Donor,

In response to the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus, the Hong Kong Red Cross has been focusing on health and hygiene promotion in the communities since early January to enhance the public awareness on personal, environmental and food hygiene for preventing infection.
Over 500,000 people were reached by our team in the past one month through our health educations talks, roving exhibitions and social media platform, etc.
We are thankful for your continuous support, which enables us to continue our humanitarian work. We have launched the '5 Stars Health 5 Stars Home' Community Health Education Project and organized various health education activities to strengthen the public resilience, meanwhile, collaborated with local organizations in implementing a series of health promotion activities so as to develop a community health promotion network and to led local residents of all districts to build a healthy lifestyle.

5 tips for infectious disease prevention

1. Avoid going to crowded areas. Wear a surgical mask properly when taking public transport or staying in crowded places.

2. Perform hand hygiene frequently, especially before touching the mouth, nose or eyes; wash hands with liquid soap and water at least 20 seconds. [Video of 7 steps of hand hygiene]

3. Perform hand hygiene with 70 to 80% alcohol-based hand rub if hand washing facilities are not available, or when hands are not visibly soiled.
4. Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces at least daily by 1:99 diluted household bleach.

5. Seek medical advice promptly when having respiratory symptoms.
For more information about infectious disease prevention, please click HERE to download the PDF version. Please feel free to share this health information with your friends and relatives. [中文版本]
As our close partner, we will regularly provide you with the latest contingency plan and service information via email. You can also follow our Facebook page or visit our website.
We will continue to promote health and hygiene knowledge in the community and maintain emergency service so as to offer assistance to anyone in need.

Once again, we sincerely appreciate your continuous support of our work. Let’s join hands to continue serving the needy with our humanitarian services.  

Stay healthy!

Communications and Resource Development Department